Wildlife Conservation Medicine

We strive for the health of ecosystems, the protection of biodiversity and the future of our planet. Nature is what connects us all and is the key to the future of species, including humans. You are part of the change.

Wild Spirit Fund is a non-profit Foundation born in Africa and led by an international network of wildlife professionals, scientists and veterinarians. WSF takes wildlife conservation medicine & One Health as its pillar. Our mission is to ensure the health and protection of wildlife in its natural ecosystem.

Priority aid projects

These projects need urgent support. Thank you for being here!
Conservation of gorillas in Gabon

Gorillas Conservation Gabon

  • Collected: 2% 2% 2%

Threatened by indiscriminate logging, poaching and infectious diseases, an entire population of gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and the ecosystem in which they live depend on this project.

Help the Maasai people with the Wild Spirit Fund

One Health by the Masai people

  • Collected: 10%. 10% 10%

Mitigation of the human-wildlife conflict This project provides the school with monthly food and water supplies and empowers women

Help the Maasai people with the Wild Spirit Fund

Chimpanzee Veterinary Clinic

  • Collected 1% 1% 1%

We are equipping the veterinary clinic of a centre that has rescued dozens of chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project leaders have already succeeded in banning the illegal trafficking of this species in the area.

Conservation of gorillas in Gabon

Water for life in Tanzania

  • 100% Collected 100% 100%

In the village of Losimingoni, Tanzania, a total of 3000 people live, none of whom have access to running water. Our goal for December 2021 is to complete the installation of the first water well.

Areas we work on

The global conservation efforts are missing a key fact, the training of professionals, equipment in remote natural areas and empowerment of communities. With a One Health - Conservation Medicine approach the Wild Spirit Fund covers these gap.

Wildlife veterinary capacity building

Conservation Medicine Scientific Projects

Protection of endangered species

Mitigation of human-wildlife conflict

Allied Clinics 

Now your veterinary clinic can help wild animals. Veterinarians united for the protection of ALL species. Make your clinic an ally of the Wild Spirit Fund.

The Wild Spirit jacket is a solidarity product for wildlife conservation

Our vision

We refuse to think that the impact of those willing to destroy is greater than the power of the professionals prepared to protect. However, we must create a system for those who are determined to protect wildlife.

Dra Veterinaria Fabiola Quesada

Founder - Wild Spirit Fund

Articles of interest

We have a network of professionals who do a great deal of research to inform you of cases of interest in veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation.

SunTech Vet 30 for Wildlife

SunTech Vet 30 for Wildlife

SunTech Vet 30 for Wildlife By Dr Fabiola Quesada Veterinarian Co-Founder & Executive Director Wild Spirit Fund CEO Wild Spirit We want to share our most sincere gratitude to SunTech...