Your clinic can help wild animals

Veterinarians united for the health and protection of ALL species

Your clinic can help with conservation

Veterinarians united for the welfare and protection of ALL species

Are you a veterinarian and do you want to be part of wildlife conservation?

Great! Because now clinic vets are helping to protect and heal wild animals.

In a very simple way, your clinic can be a platform where your team and pet owners have contact with wildlife veterinary work, and also be a trusted place to make donations. 

It's as simple as that!


Register your clinic


In the comments section, leave a comment and include what materials you want to receive


If you wish to donate material that you think could be useful to us, please contact us 

Make your clinic a member

Register your clinic through the form and you will immediately be part of the Allied Clinic Program.

Receive the material

With your registration you will receive these materials to decorate your clinic, raise awareness and help us raise funds for our projects.

You've already begun to protect the wild animals

Your clinic is now a platform for the protection of wild animals. The funds collected are transferred very easily, we tell you everything in detail. As you know, we also need medicines, material and veterinary equipment for our wildlife conservation and health projects. If you think you can talk to the commercials that visit your clinic and help us in our mission, contact us.

Receive this precious material for your clinic

With this material and together with the owners of the animals you are making a direct contribution to the conservation of wildlife.

A3 size, printed in methacrylate. You can choose between two models
Piggy Bank
Methacrylate with security lock

Collectable Wild Spirit sticker set to motivate your customers


Here you can see the video that we will share to put in your clinic.


Wild Spirit Fund Award 2021

The collaboration with partner clinics began a year ago as an adventure, and is now one of the most exciting projects we share. Wild Spirit Fund enables clinic veterinarians to be leaders in wildlife protection. Without our clinic partners, our work on the ground would not be possible. THANK YOU!!!

Animalia Veterinary Clinic. Gloria Serra, Badalona

During the COVID Pandemic of 2020-2021, Gloria has helped us with large sums of money to protect the health of our closest friends, the great apes, with whom we share among others the sensitivity to numerous respiratory viruses. Thanks to her contributions, the Wild Spirit Fund has supported the local community of Doussala in Gabon and laid the groundwork to start our gorilla health programme.

Faunia Veterinary Clinic. Cristina and Jose, Granada

The colleagues at the Faunia clinic have continually surprised us with numerous initiatives making it easier for pet owners to contribute to the conservation of species and the result has been a SUCCESS! Numerous donations in the Wild Spirit Fund's piggy bank! In addition Cristina won a photo raffle of the veterinary magazine and the prize was a microscope that she donated to us! 

Thanks to your contributions, Wild Spirit Fund is providing the required materials, medicines and equipment at the JACK Chimpanzee Centre clinic in Congo.

Isabel Priego Veterinary Team. Madrid

The Isabel Priego veterinary team has involved us in their development as a clinic. Despite the difficulties of recent years they have grown exponentially in the midst of a pandemic. Not only have they raised numerous donations in the Wild Spirit Fund, but they have also helped us to create strategies for solidarity products for pets!

África Banzo. Río Veral Veterinary Centre. Huesca

Africa Banzo has love for this continent inscribed in her name and in her heart. This veterinarian has made an ally of the clinic where she works and is also our representative to encourage more colleagues to follow in her footsteps. In October 2021 she visited our school, brought school material and got to know on the ground all the details about the human-wildlife conflict in Tanzania, which she described as an eye-opener to reality. Now his company @Gothomby is a partner of Wild Spirit Fund Travel.

Allied veterinary clinics and institutions 

There are already many clinics in many countries that do excellent work in helping to preserve wild animals, thank you!

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