This report provides technical findings and recommendations of the mission attempted from groundwater investigations conducted to Makuyuni,Losiming’oni village whose geology belongs to the high-grade metamorphic belt, E to ESE trending outcrops of met sediments and metavolcanics of the Archean Tanzania Craton mainly composed of banded hematite, hbl- orthogneisses, amphibolite’s, granites etc

Geophysical measurements using Pool Finder and PQWT Ground Water Detector were conducted, where by Natural electric method with profile survey technique is applied; this technique used to delineate the fracture and confirm the depth of saturation. The points were marked by the hydrogeology experts and corded into GPS were made available for later identification.

Detailed geological, hydrogeological, topographical and geophysical analysis has been taken into consideration to select the suitable drilling site

a) Based on the results of the geophysical investigation, there is a possibility to abstract groundwater at the client’s site due to observed rock formations which have the tendency to percolate and host groundwater

b) DTH method is recommended for drilling down to 140m maximum deep at VES 2 in profile 2 as first choice and 170m maximum VES 1 in profile 1 as second choice.

c) The final drilling depth can be altered by Hydro geologist depending on the rock strata penetrated.

d) Drilling operations should be carried out under supervision of a Hydro geologist.

e) The drilling diameter should be 7 inches and installed with UPVC pipes of 5″ up to the recommended depth.
f) Large, clean, well rounded quartz pea-size gravels (2-4mm diameter) should be used in packing the borehole. Water from different strikes/aquifers should be chemically analyzed for quality assessment at the Water Quality Laboratory before put into use.

g) After construction, a borehole should be fully developed by compressed air until the water becomes absolutely silt free.
N.B: It is important to note that the survey method applied does not give
the quantity and quality of water to be encountered, geophysical survey enumerates only the possibility to strike groundwater. These parameters (quality and quantity) have to be determined after the proper completion of borehole drilling.

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